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Take YOUR music to the next level?

Whether you are an aspiring musician, an established  artist or songwriter, or just a curious individual with good taste. Whatever the reason is, you have come to the right place. And we are happy to see you!

As the world around us is changing so is the music industry – the way we listen,  relate to, create and collect music is not as it used to be. The possibilities are better  than ever, the  technology is so good and affordable that basically anyone can be the next big thing, but still so many are lost in the music industry jungle!

Our philosophy is to bring out the best in you, wherever 
you are in your career, whether it’s baby steps, or needing that little bit of extra advice to polish your upcoming hit track.

With our broad experience from writing and creating hits 
for some of the world’s biggest artists, we want to let you in on our secret, and teach you the tricks of the trade so that you can take  the next step in your career. Because it’s not as hard as you think.

We are a record label made for the now, and we are 
here for you.

Meet the team

Dejo Andersson

CEO & Founder, Multi Platinum Awarded Songwriter & Producer, Full Time Vegan & Philanthropist

Amy Saba

Head Of Content & Social Media, Mountain Climbing Enthusiast

Soufiane Mouatassim

Head Of Multimedia, Master Problem Solver & Game Developer


  • Jannike stenlund
  • Sophie Hanson
  • Felicia Falck
  • Gul Front
  • Wigelius
  • Anna Naklab
  • Antonio D
  • Drifters
  • Hanne Mette
  • Hey Say Jump
  • Johan Stengård
  • John Kluge
  • Julia Raich
  • Lara Bianca Fuchs
  • Lineah Svärd
  • Martinez
  • One Un1ted
  • Orient
  • Oscar Ackermann
  • Patrik Rasmussen
  • Perikles
  • Ricky Rabbie
  • Sannex
  • Sounds Good
  • The Acoustic Project
  • Viktor Johansson


Eleven B Studios is one of the most credible creative partners for our song-pitching in Asian territories. Their diversified sense of music always impresses, not only ourselves, but also many of our key clients, and their amazing skill on the production certainly helps to develop our Asian music market to a higher plateau.  Not only from the creative perspective, we also enjoy our fruitful relationship with Dejo as a wonderful person. He is very honest, flexible, amicable and responsive. We look forward to even greater success in the coming future

Hide Nakamura, CEO Producer of Soundgraphics Inc.

I first met Dejo at a songwriting session which an artist of mine was invited to. After two days filled with writing & producing, he ended up delivering two fully produced songs whilst working on a mobile location! A challenge for any songwriter & producer but he created the perfect setting for crystal clear vocal recordings. And what’s even more important is that Dejo and the Eleven B Studios team is both a professional and a nice persons to work with

Chantal Lampe Roeters, Artist Manager.

"I’ve been workin’ with social media to increase my following as an artist for so many years. Despite my long experience of growing on several platforms Dejo and the Eleven B Studios team really helped me open up a new world with different tools and angles to work from. Loved working with Eleven B studios and I really look forward to see what the future holds!"

Sophie Hanson, Artist & Influencer.

  • Find out the reason why 90% of all independent artists & musicians fail 
  • Bust the myth about how the Music Industry works once and for all 
  • Understand what tools & tactics to use to grow your fanbase!

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