3 Simple Steps To Finish Your Songs

You have this great song going on but it’s no point of writing or producing songs if you’re not going to finish them. We all have this problem whether you’re a beginner working on your first project or a full time professional. I know people from all different areas and we all experience the same thing. So here’s a three simple but important steps that can really shorten the time that will take for you to finish your projects:

Have a deadline. Your songs need to be finished a specific day or time. With a client buying your production, having a deadline is totally normal and you tend to keep that “promise” because it’s psychologically harder to let someone else down. Without a customer on the other hand, this might be a problem.. because “failing” yourself is so much easier to handle. Pick a date and stick with that – NO EXCUSES. I suggest you choose a Friday, allot 4 – 5 hours a day, and dedicate the whole week for that.

Reference tracks. Take a similar song from the genre of your song and have that as a reference or inspiration. You can work on your song then switch over and listen to your reference tracks. This is not copying or stealing the whole soundscape but more of a tool for moving forward. This will save you a lot of time especially when you reach the end phase of the whole production or mixing because you have the sound you’re looking for (from the reference tracks) and you can easily tweak for any adjustments.

Move on. When the client is satisfied, the song is done! Period. If you don’t have a client and you’re doing your own song, find someone who has worked on that specific genre that will give you unbiased feedback. If he/she is satisfied, your song is finished. There will always be adjustments needed but don’t overdo it! Because you will end up in a never-ending producing loop… The mix you do today, that’s the best that song could ever be. Remember, the song will always be ONLY 95% done, you will always think of that 5% tweak you could have done. When people will hear your song, they won’t even know that there’s a 5% missing in that song. Remember, the song you did today will be different when you do it days or months from now – because you constantly learn new things, maybe buy new plug-ins, or have someone else’s feedback opening your eyes (ears) in a whole new direction. Decide that the song is finished and move on to the next thing. There’s no such thing as a perfect mix, it will never happen.

Hope this tips will help you and we would love to know your tips in finishing a song or a project.

Best / Dejo
CEO, Eleven B Studios

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