How Do I Start A Singing Career?

Today’s blog post is a bit special. It’s the transcription from this interview we had with Ms. Karolina Karner. Aside from being a record label, Eleven B Studios is also about teaching and talking about the music industry itself. So, enjoy this talk with Karolina, a great singer who has made it “happen” with some really smart ideas. Question. When you started out in the music industry as a young person, you had your education and your

Let’s Get Serious For A While

Six months after Avicii´s death, and I still can’t wrap my head around it.. We lost an amazing man and a great artist. But let’s take this from the beginning.. A couple of years ago, it was announced that Swedish House Mafia were making their farewell tour. They sold out Friends Arena in Stockholm, 3 days in a row. They quit and now, they’re coming back. In some cases, when artists are making their farewell tour, it’s

You’re Only One Song Away

You might be just ONE song away from reaching all your goals. I want to encourage you by telling how this actually happened to me; and the mindset you need. In reality, you will write lot of songs and produce countless of beats and tracks; it’s a process that we all have to live through and hopefully, this will be easier. I was working alone for a long time; writing my songs, producing my music and working


Today, we’re going to talk about the Publisher. Do you need one? And if you’re going to work with one, what do you need to have in mind? My life completely changed, especially my music career, because I decided to work with a publisher. I had a good network as a musician in Sweden and Europe but when it comes to putting my music out there, it’s quite hard unless you work with a solid group of

I’ve NEVER revealed this before

Today, we’re going to talk about something that I really live for and something that has been a huge part of my 2017 & 2018. It’s basically the changes in the music industry and what will happen in the future. What’s happening right now is incredibly amazing and I’m so excited for myself and for everyone else. We have an amazing opportunity for any content creator, musician, artists or anyone because it just never been so easy