WHY Do You Need A Record Label?

Record labels. Do you need one? Do you need to be sign to one? And what will a record label do and not do for you? If you read any biography of any big artist, you’ll see a clear pattern that almost everyone have been screwed by their record label one way or the other..  Why? Well, one big mistake when entering the music industry is NOT treating it for what it is, an industry! So put

3 Simple Steps To Finish Your Songs

You have this great song going on but it’s no point of writing or producing songs if you’re not going to finish them. We all have this problem whether you’re a beginner working on your first project or a full time professional. I know people from all different areas and we all experience the same thing. So here’s a three simple but important steps that can really shorten the time that will take for you to finish

Develop Your Skill

You Will Fail Unless You Do This

Today, we are going to talk about something that is super important if you want to develop your skills in any area. This is something that really helped me to improve my skills and do all the stuff that I’ve done and achieve all the success in the music industry that I’ve had so far. When I was 25 years old, which was 10 years ago, I got this amazing gig as a producer and I was

Dear Music Industry Friends, Go ALL IN! NOW!

Recording music has never been easier. The distribution cost is ZERO*. Advertising has never been cheaper. On top of that the MMA (Music Modernization Act) is around the corner. Dear music industry friends, go ALL In – NOW! I remember my first encounter with the mp3. I was in my early teens and one of my classmates big brother showed us how easy it was to find and download songs, for free! I was shocked. I went

Why I Don’t Want To Work With Max Martin

I’m really happy today. It has been a great weekend! Let’s start this week with some thoughts about the concept of songwriting. When I was younger, I was thinking a lot about “What songwriting is?” and what influences do you get from different songwriters and different kind of music? I realized, especially three years ago, when I was signed as a songwriter on my first publishing contract, that (songwriting) is such a delicate thing. It’s about finding