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  • Which Professions Do I Need Around Me As An Artist?

    As an artist,  the professions you need around you are the following: Manager Producer Record Label Tour leader Publisher Musicians/Band PR Person Roadie Crew Songwriters Sound Technician The collective knowledge from these professions will give you the tools and guidance you need in order to build a good career. Also, it is essential that you […]

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  • How To Become A Professional Singer

    To pave your way as a professional singer you’ll need variety of traits and skills from punctuality to social media savviness. These are the things that get you noticed, that get you picked out from among the crowd and placed firmly on the stage. It’s vital that you get to know these traits and learn […]

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  • The Biggest Music Producer Myths

    It seems like everyone has dabbled in music production nowadays in one way or another. With an onslaught of music production apps and online music distribution platforms popping up everywhere, it’s never been easier to express yourself musically. Gone are the days when music production was primarily performed in a recording studio with a few […]

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  • 3 Quick Tips For Songwriting

    So, you’re looking to become a songwriter? Here are some quick tips to get the ball rolling 1. Have a deadline – this will force you to finish the song 2. Listen to reference tracks – this is a great way to get ideas if you’re stuck 3. Move on – when it’s done, it’s […]

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  • How To Become A Paid Songwriter

    I’ve been a professional songwriter for more than 10 years, and one of the most common questions I get asked all the time is “How Do You Become A Paid Songwriter”? The short answer is; by earning money on your songs. As a songwriter your main source of income is royalties which comes from sales, […]

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