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  • Sell Your Music as an NFT

    In the last while, we’ve all heard about the NFT craze with regards to digital art and the crazy amounts of money being traded, but did you know that you can sell your music as an NFT? NFTs are digital tokens that prove who originally owned a file and have the capability to show the […]

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  • How Much Does 1 Million Streams On Spotify Pay?

    It’s tempting to think that the music industry is simple. They make music, we listen, people are paid, full stop. Plus, with on-demand streaming services like Spotify on the scene, all the music is piled into a nice, organized collection. Surely that makes dishing out the cash easy, right? Not exactly. Take a look at […]

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  • The Top 7 Free Music Production Software

    As a musician, when you’re just starting out with producing your own music, it can be tricky to figure out what software you need. It’s also the point at which you want to learn how to produce your own music, without investing too heavily into it. At this stage, what you need is a free […]

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  • Music Release Strategy – 10 Things You Should Do

    Imagine this. You have finally created your latest song. In fact, you think it might be your best so far. So you’re ready to release it. But…You’re a little worried. What if you release it and the reaction to it is ridiculously underwhelming? A lot of musicians share your fear, and it’s not tough to […]

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  • How Record Labels Screw Artists

    The three biggest factors are; not owning their own masters, signing 360 deals, and that the record labels practice recoupment on all costs. This will put 98% of all artist in a situation where they never earn a single cent on their music, despite the number of sales, and instead end up owing their record […]

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