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  • Music Release Strategy – 10 Things You Should Do

    Imagine this. You have finally created your latest song. In fact, you think it might be your best so far. So you’re ready to release it. But…You’re a little worried. What if you release it and the reaction to it is ridiculously underwhelming? A lot of musicians share your fear, and it’s not tough to […]

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  • How Record Labels Screw Artists

    The three biggest factors are; not owning their own masters, signing 360 deals, and that the record labels practice recoupment on all costs. This will put 98% of all artist in a situation where they never earn a single cent on their music, despite the number of sales, and instead end up owing their record […]

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  • Biggest Myths About The Music Industry

    Making it big in the music industry requires hard-work and dedication – and a solid understanding of the myths surrounding it! By identifying and coming to terms with the biggest myths about the music industry, you can do away with common thought patterns that might be standing in the way of your success. Throughout my […]

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  • Which Professions Do I Need Around Me As An Artist?

    As an artist,  the professions you need around you are the following: Manager Producer Record Label Tour leader Publisher Musicians/Band PR Person Roadie Crew Songwriters Sound Technician The collective knowledge from these professions will give you the tools and guidance you need in order to build a good career. Also, it is essential that you […]

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  • How To Become A Professional Singer

    To pave your way as a professional singer you’ll need variety of traits and skills from punctuality to social media savviness. These are the things that get you noticed, that get you picked out from among the crowd and placed firmly on the stage. It’s vital that you get to know these traits and learn […]

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