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Why I Don’t Want To Work With Max Martin

I’m really happy today. It has been a great weekend! Let’s start this week with some thoughts about the concept of songwriting. When I was younger, I was thinking a lot about “What songwriting is?” and what influences do you get from different songwriters and different kind of music? I realized, especially three years ago, when I was signed as a songwriter on my first publishing contract, that (songwriting) is such a delicate thing. It’s about finding the right chemistry when you work with people and how much more important that is than just writing with someone that has a good name or good CV, it’s much more important to find those people that are more suitable for you and your energy. The best sessions that I’ve had has been with people that are like-minded in a way but also a bit unique in their own way. I’ve had many great sessions, of course, and I would lie if I said that I have a favorite session above all because I don’t; every session is unique. I would say that it’s about creating something unique and new, and you take all the spices and all the ingredients you have from each person that’s in that songwriting session. When you write alone, that’s a different story because then it’s just what you have with you at that moment.

I got this question, I think it was a couple of years ago now, that “If I could choose anyone on this planet, dead or alive, that I could write music with, who would that be?” That was a good question because I wasn’t really sure exactly who I was going to write with or what kind of music that would be. Especially in Sweden we have so many great musicians, artists and songwriters, so it’s really hard to not mention anyone of those. Many people have asked me, “If you could write music with Max Martin, would you do it?” and to be honest, I wouldn’t, and I’ll tell you why. I love the music that Max has done that’s just a unique saga on its own, everything that he and his crew is creating. I realized when I was working day and night my first year as a songwriter full-time, how much more important it is to have great energy around you rather than just a “famous” name to work with. If I could choose anyone in the whole wide world, I would not choose Max Martin. Maybe it’s because I’ve never meet him in person, but I don’t feel that connection with the soul in his music in the way I do to other songs in the same genre.

So today I want to give you the names of the two people I have on top of my wish list. It’s kind of funny because I don’t know if the first person is famous worldwide, he is famous in Sweden and he’s just incredible. His name is Ola Salo, he used to be the front man of the Swedish pop rock band called The Ark. I have not heard better melodies and lyrics combined then his. I remember when I was in my late teens, 18 or 19, when the first hit single with The Ark came out. I bought the album and it was this mind-blowing experience. He also said this in an interview that he writes music that is supposed to be played from a big speaker put on the North Pole so it could be spread all over the world, that’s how he described it. I can really feel that and I relate to what he is trying to put into his music. I usually tend to go back in time a bit and listen to some old great songs when I need inspiration for my own songwriting. When I listen to songs written by Ola it really touches me all the way inside in my heart. Ola Salo is my number 1.

Number two, she’s famous. This is Lady Gaga. I really love her style and what she’s doing. She is a great musician, like really great. She has an amazing voice, Italian, and she’s a famous world star! Of course it’s a product, but when you see it from another perspective you realize that what she delivers is so much more than just this “square” package. She is really unique in how she’s putting her stuff out there. I think she’s one of a kind. For me, it’s how you feel when you think about a person, artist, or a musician and in this case when it comes to Stefani (Lady Gaga), I always felt like ‘wow’! I love her music and I’d really love to make music with her. So, that’s my number two. Ola Salo is number one, Lady Gaga is number two. Universe, let’s make that happen!

Just wanted to share this with you guys. Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost when you’re trying to find your own unique message in what you’re doing. If you look too much at other people, you can get easily frightened and instead of taking a step forward, you take a step backward because you feel like “I can’t do this anyway because it’s already been done”. Music and songwriting is about YOU and your emotions, feelings and your lyrics. Nobody else on this planet knows how you feel because you are an instrument of your own emotions so whatever you do, if it comes from your heart and soul, then there’s no way anyone can copy it. If you can keep THAT ingredient as pure as possible and maintain it, then you will succeed in what you’re doing, because that is the most important thing.

I hope this was inspiring, and that it will give you some motivation to start writing more great songs! The world needs it.

CEO, Eleven B Studios

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