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You’re Only One Song Away

You might be just ONE song away from reaching all your goals. I want to encourage you by telling how this actually happened to me; and the mindset you need. In reality, you will write lot of songs and produce countless of beats and tracks; it’s a process that we all have to live through and hopefully, this will be easier.

I was working alone for a long time; writing my songs, producing my music and working in the studio by myself. When I started to co-write songs and was signed by a publisher (which I talked about in this blog), I worked with a lot of people. I wrote songs, gave them to the publisher and they sent it to and A&R/record label. After that, I don’t have anything to do anymore but to wait or start to work on another song. It’s easy to have the energy to move on with your project when you have some kind of progress especially if you have a specific market for your song. We all know how frustrating it is to wait when nothing happens; it will drain your energy and there’s the hopelessness. BUT in this industry, it is normal. It is rare to be successful with just one or two songs. You have to be consistent in producing more music and stay focused on your goals.

In the beginning as a songwriter, I had so much energy and I wasn’t concerned if what I’m doing was right; I was vulnerable and I needed an indication or sign that I was on the right track. Luckily, I had a great crew around me and the publisher gave me feedback. There was always this situation, though, that I thought I hadn’t had the same amount of success as the other people in the room and that I was the guy who hadn’t have the cut yet in the Japanese market (because that’s the target market of our songs). I admit that I was not in the right mindset at the time; I had so much energy and ideas but I spent most of my time contemplating my situation and questioning why these people still wanted to work with me. Luckily for me, I was clear on where to go with my music so I never really cared about what other people thought of the stuff I did. Still, this is a delicate line between being lost and losing all your faith and energy AND the assurance that what you’re doing is the right thing.

If I would have known this in the beginning, it would have saved me a lot of energy, just being focused on my work, and keep pushing it forward. Funny story about a song that is soon to be released in Japan.. When we started writing the song, I kinda knew where to go with it but since my co-writer, Hani, and me had never done this kind of music before, I was unsure and nervous. Luckily enough. I just took that song and we finished it. It went “on hold” and eventually, it was cut for release. It’s one of the songs that I thought that would never be released because I just couldn’t see it being picked. This is the same with all songs; no one knows the future of them. It’s also the beauty of being a songwriter, expect the unexpected and just go with the feeling. If you already sent the song to your publisher, move on and work on your next song. Don’t sit and wait for that song to be picked because it’s a waste of time. Don’t be insecure and question the ability of the songs you did. It will confuse you and not help you; it will just slow you down.

Your next song might be the one that will make everything change for you. DON’T GIVE UP on your songs and try to finish as much as you can. If you really love a project your working on but everyone is going against you, don’t listen to them. People will always have their own opinions but it’s you who is doing the work; you know your OWN music. Many successful songs were criticized negatively before they were picked. Do what you need to do and follow your heart.

Hope this helps! Comment your opinions and questions about this matter and we’ll try to answer them.

Best / Dejo
CEO, Eleven B Studios

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